If you didn’t already know, I have two jobs. One of these is a full time office based job, as a desktop publisher for The Racing Pigeon paper and magazine. The other is a part time retail job, as a sales assistant in Paperchase. The result of this is me being absolutely mad about stationery…

Working in an office environment means that I use a lot of stationery, and working in a stationery store means that I sell a lot of stationery, being the crafty sort that I am also means that I have a lot of room in my heart for stationery. I’m a paper nerd.

With this being a well known trait of my personality, and with christmas having just been, I’ve now got a brand new pile of stationery from the lovely people in my life!

A new diary is one of the best things about the new year, and I love this one that my mother got for me! It’s perfect handbag size, A6, 2 days to a page, and gorgeous colours! She picked this one up from Paperchase. Isn’t it beautiful?DSC_0642

I’ve no idea where this one is from, but this lovely little notebook was a gift from a friend of mine, Dan. It’s so tiny and cute, I don’t think I will ever actually be able to use this cutie for fear of ruining it, it’s just too sweet!DSC_0649

Matching stationary just makes the pleasure of stationary that little bit more special, and these notebooks are part of a gorgeous raindrops range from Paperchase, again, my mother picked these up for me, along with a couple of matching pens, even better! These will most definitely get their use, whether its at work or me writing down my junk, and I can’t wait to get stuck in! They’re linen cased, and feel so precious, I do enjoy a chunky notebook quite a lot!DSC_0647

Along with these raindrops bits, I’ve also got my trusty list pad and new desk planner, which I’m looking forward to using through this new year! Here comes a more productive edition of me, hopefully!

Gutted to say that I also do not know where this one comes from, but this Totoro notebook was a gift from my little sister, and I dare not use it, for it is far to precious! My Neighbour Totoro was one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films growing up, and has also been a favourite for my sister!DSC_0644

My aunt got me this cutie of a notebook too, it’s another chunky one which I can’t wait to dig my pen in to! I feel like this one needs to be filled with something meaningful, I get that vibe from it’s cover, however I have nothing meaningful to write about, so unfortunately for it, it will probably be filled with work related things! Such a shame really!DSC_0645

This doesn’t really count as stationery, but these bits were all gifts from Paperchase too, and they all match, I’m in love with this print! I’ve been given a soft laptop case fro my Macbook, an iPhone 5 case and a take out cup, all with these super cute polkadots, I might have to pick myself up the notebook and other bits to match this print at some point!

In addition to all these gift bits, I have picked myself up a few new packs of Staedtler and Stability pens, fine liners, highlighters and colouring pens. Can’t have all this paper with no pens can I?!

Any other stationery nerds out there? I think its something to do with a false sense of productivity, owning so many bits which are designed to actually boost productivity… no matter, I have a small problem.