New year, new me and all that jazz. The problem there though, is that I’m perfectly happy with the me I am now, I’ve got myself to a place where I’m happy and have no interest in changing that. I do however have some improvement plans.

For the end of 2015 I was experimenting with a new way to make myself more productive, and it worked out really quite well for the month and a bit that I carried it out. This has inspired me to continue through 2016, and try to take it further.

During November I started to carry out my ‘Motivational November’ and it was a great success, I saved myself so much money and time, whilst also being way more productive and effective. It was great. I sort of continued this is December, but less strict as christmas was so soon, and again, saved myself time, money and effort!

So, the plan for 2016 is as follows: remain as happy as I am, be more organised, more productive, more efficient and save more money. How I plan to do this really is quite simple.

I’ve picked myself up a desk planner, this has a week mapped out on an A4 page pad, there are 52 of these on the pad, one for each week of the year. This allows you to fill in what the plan is for each day. I’m going to be filling this in with things that must be done and sticking to it as much as I can!

I’ve already mentioned my list book and how much it has helped me so far, and I plan to utilise this further in the new year. It’s been so super handy and I would completely recommend one to anyone who endeavours to be more organised and productive! I feel that writing what I need to do solidifies it, and motivates me to actually do it.

Also, with a new year comes a new diary, which will undoubtedly encourage me to be more organised and productive, helping me to plan out my days further. Just a side note, I’m not going to go crazy and plan every second of my life out, but things that I struggle doing…

Alongside this, the plan to save money is simple, £5 minimum is going in a pot every week. If I forget, or cant for any reason, the next week will be doubled. With £5 minimum per week for a year, this time next year I’ll have £260 minimum saved. Now this isn’t a lot, but putting that on top of the £100 per month that goes into my second bank account, it’s a little more to play with come christmas!

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m going to eat healthy and work out or any of that rubbish, because honestly I’m stuffing pizza down my throat right now, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say on the topic of my new year, got any plans for your own?