I got a lovely looking package from The Body Shop this week! I ordered it merely a few days before it turned up, and it wasn’t expected for over a week! Not that I’m complaining about that at all! The packaging for what I ordered was adorable, in a sweet little box with a slogan, filled with straw, with my products hiding beneath it!

Within my order I received most of the Seaweed skincare range, minus a couple of bits! I’ve now got the ‘Clarifying Toner’, ‘Facial Cleanser’, ‘Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator’, ‘Deep Cleansing Facial Wash’, and ‘Mattifying Day Cream’. The bits I didn’t pick up were the night serum and the clay face mask, but after how wonderful these bits have been so far, I can imagine I’ll be buying those fairly soon!


I was sensible about this before I placed my order. I used The Body Shop’s online skin analysis site, this asks you some simple skincare questions and then recommends products for you. Due to my skin being combination, oily over my T-zone and dry over my cheeks,  the seaweed range is what was recommended to me, perfect for combination skin.

I wasn’t just about to order all of this stuff online without knowing it was going to do the job though, so I popped into my local Body Shop and asked for some testers. I got the tester for the exfoliator, cleanser, day cream and night serum. I used these for a week before deciding that this was the stuff for me. It’s made my skin feel so much healthier and alive! Alongside that, it has started to tackle my dry areas really well, and an oily T-zone is no longer a problem for me! These products did all that I was expecting them too.

I went forward with the order, and made sure to save as much money as I could, taking full advantage of the 40% off through December deal and free postage! I got all this stuff for under £40, which I believe is a cracking deal!

Safe to say I’m a happy girl with a nice clean face. If you’ve got similar problems to mine, with combination skin then I would completely recommend this stuff to you, it has worked wonders for me, and I haven’t had a single break out since I’ve been using it, bonus!

And it doesn’t smell like salty seaweed.