I was given a little prezzie recently, something I had been looking for for a while, but could never find in stores, and someone very kindly got them for me! This little prezzie was the Makeup Revolution Flawless eyeshadow palettes. 

Makeup Revolution is a brilliant brand, and amazing value for money! For example, these eyeshadow palettes were only £8 each, and they each have 32 colours, and were on a buy one get one free offer. There are 3 palettes in the Flawless collection so for £16 that’s 96 shades! Brilliant if you ask me. One might think that for that price they would be a bit cheap, but as I said, value, they’re gorgeous colours and really quite pigmented.


This palette is the first and original of the collection, and so far has been my favourite. I’m definitely into darker colours when it comes to eye makeup, I love a dramatic eye, or a darker golden eye. Within this palette I can say that there is not a single colour that would go unused, as they all meet my colour preferences when it comes to an eyeshadow. There is a nice mix of shimmer and matte shadows in this palette, and the combinations are seemingly endless as they all compliment each other so well, but i guess that’s what palettes are for, hey!


As an addition to the original Flawless palette, this range of colours extends the other, these colours are all much lighter and more subtle, again however all incredibly wearable. This palette has a few more pink toned colours, which I am hesitant about, however they’re really pretty, so I’m definitely going to use them. Again, there is a mix of matte and shimmer shades to pick from within this beauty.


I’m excited about this one, all 32 shades in this palette are matte shades, as the name would suggest. I’ll admit I prefer a shimmer eyeshadow, but that’s likely because I’ve not experienced many decent matte shadows in my time, and I’m definitely looking forward to experimenting with this selection. All of the colours, just like the other palettes, are right up my street, and offer endless combinations.


As an added bonus feature, all of these palettes have a rather large and great quality mirror in their lid. I actually find this mirror easier to use than my main mirror, as it’s a really good size and I can take it to different lights (which obviously can’t be done with my enormous standing mirror).

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with these palettes, and Makeup Revolution as a brand. For what was paid, these are great quality products, and I am chuffed with them!