I have been on an roll with making sugar scrubs recently, it was an idea that I saw on pinterest and have just gone with it. They’re ridiculously easy to make, and work absolute wonders, I’ve tried my fair share of scrubs, and these homemade ones honestly made my skin so soft, the benefits my skin has felt is incredible. Being homemade means that I know exactly what is going in it, and can make it to my own personal preference; quantity, moisture, flavour and colour! I think that they are a brilliant idea for gifts, or just for your own personal use, either way, they’re adorable and great to use for exfoliation (not to mention how good your skin smells afterwards).

As I mentioned, they’re super easy to make, and I’m not going to keep it a secret how. There are multiple methods of creating these, but I’ll just be sharing the one I’ve been using. If you fancy making some sugar scrubs of your own then you’ll need a few simple bits which you can pick up from a supermarket or anywhere online.


  • Granulated White Sugar
  • Almond Oil
  • Flavoured Oil/Essential Oil
  • Food Colouring

Four simple ingredients which are easy to get hold of. You will also need a container to put your scrub in, along with a bowl and spoon for mixing. I found that following measurements didn’t work too well for this, the ratios of sugar to oil just weren’t right, so I would definitely advise going by eye and trusting your own judgement, you know what a scrub should look and feel like! If not, look at the pictures, when it looks a bit like that, you’ve got it!

The method is super easy, as is everything else about these, simply put sugar in a bowl, add a small amount of the almond oil and mix! Keep adding the oil until the consistency is right for you, if its too oily you can always add a bit more sugar. Next add your flavour, a few drops of the fragranced oil should go a long way, then add your colour!

I made a few varieties of flavour scrubs, using different flavouring methods:

  • Lemon, using lemon Essential Oil, or fresh lemon juice
  • Raspberry, using raspberry scented oil, or crushed raspberries (the seeds add to the exfoliation)
  • Vanilla, using Vanilla Extract
  • Peppermint, using Peppermint scented oil
  • Cinnamon, using ground cinnamon powder
  • Gingerbread, using ground ginger and cinnamon powder.

I did find that some of the flavours worked well in combinations too, for example the Raspberry and Lemon together was delightful, reminding me a bit of skittles! Also, cinnamon and vanilla worked really well together for a warm autumnal scent that made me rather sleepy!

It’s important to be careful with the colouring aspect, remember that time you got food colour on your skin and it took ages to get it off? Yeah, remember this is going on your skin, make sure you’re not putting excess colour in, although you would need an awful lot to do that, so just don’t go over the top… As for the flavour or fragrance oils, really you can use as much as you feel you need, however I’ve found that for a small bowl of scrub I only need between 5-10 drops. But as I said, trust your judgement, you’re making this yourself, make it how you want it!