I’m not late to the party, I swear! I’ve had these book for a little over a year I would say, so if anything I was early! But that’s really not the point, the point is that they’re brilliant, such fun and really relaxing!

Recently, I can almost guarantee that if you’ve been in a book store, or a stationary/gift store (somewhere like Waterstones, Paperchase, WHSmiths or The Works) then you will have seen a display of beautiful looking adult colouring books, designed to be therapeutic and relaxing. I can say that they serve their purpose, they certainly are calming and relaxing, I find it a lovely way to wind down after a day’s work, or if I’m feeling particularly stressed. I believe it something to do with the attention to detail, the way that your brain focuses on the intricacy of the images and colours…


Of all of the wonderful selection, and believe me, I know there are many, I have particularly enjoyed those of Millie Marotta, both her ‘Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Tropical Wonderland’ have given me hours of relaxing joy! I have a weakness for wildlife and wild animals, and the way she incorporates nature into all of her pieces is something I enjoy, especially in her animal portraits, which are made entirely of natural things such as flowers and leaves.


I purchased ‘Animal Kingdom’ for myself after finding it online somewhere, not that I can remember where exactly, then after a few months I started to see the displays full of these books in stores. I then received ‘Tropical Wonderland’ as a gift from my boyfriend, who knew how much I had been enjoying the first book, and this one was just as brilliant. If you didn’t know this from my previous posts, I am a sucker for art, illustration and all things creative, so finding an illustrator that I enjoy so much has been great for me.

I know that a lot of people will have the perspective of ‘colouring in is for kids’, the same as a lot of people have the view that ‘drawing is for kids’, but I can assure you this is not the case. If I saw a child with these books I would probably panic a little bit, how could they stay inside the lines?! These are the sort of things that get to me…


I know a lot of people who, in their adult life, could appreciate the pleasure of these books, and the pleasure of letting a little creativity lose, in such a calming way. I have in fact given a colour therapy book to my mother, for the exact purpose it was created. I think these books would make beautiful gifts (theres an idea for your christmas list), as they aren’t something that one would typically pick up for themselves. I think in this day, people spend an awful lot of time thinking that they have no time, which in turn wastes time, but having a method like this to wind down and slow down, it makes you realise that there is no need to be in such a rush. It’s amazing how much a colouring book can make you think about life.


Anyway, I just thought I would share with you the wonder that is Millie Marotta and her incredible illustrations, and the mesmerising colour therapy I have been engulfed into.

On that note, I’m off to do some more.