In my first welcome post, I made it quite obvious that this time of the year brings out the aspirational artist within me, and that is still very true. The colour of the trees, the colder weather, the wildlife and so on all make me want to create. It was with the changing seasons in mind that todays creation emerged. It makes me sad to say that autumn is basically over, and we’re falling deeper into winter, which means bye bye pretty leaves and toffee apples, and hello Christmas! So it’s not all bad.

But wait, I’m not letting autumn go that easily, I have created a seasonal bird vector image to capture the season! Not only am I loving fall here, but I’m adding to my growing knowledge of illustrator, the programme I used to hate and am falling more and more in love with!

fall sparrow

I absolutely loved making this fall bird (I made this one first), the colour scheme is everything that I love at this time of year, and I’ve taught myself new skills. I really like the wreath like boarder which is created with this image, I feel like this could be transferable, and used on other autumnal images… I might use something like it on my photos…

Of course, as before I will credit where I taught myself how to make this, following yet again the tutorials from THIS, envato tuts is quickly becoming one of my most frequently visited sites. I didn’t want to leave it at simply following the tutorial however, so I took what I learned from the creation of the first fall bird in order to create the winter robin.

I have kept the bottom parts of these images, the base of the wreath-like frame, separate, and saved them in different files as I feel that they might just come in useful for future projects, maybe as a little feature illustration on a photograph, card or letter? Either way, I quite like them, even if it’s just as a solo decorative ‘something’.


Although autumn is my favourite season, I must say I’m quite looking forward to winter, the colour pallets for this season aren’t too bad, deep reds? Yes please. I am excited at the idea of christmas crafts, gift ideas and food, who isn’t excited for the food?! I think I might attempt designing my own christmas cards…. that would be interesting… maybe the winter robin will make an appearance!

Now, what to make next….