I think I might have mentioned this already, but I’m a bit artsy and like to create? Have I told you that before? No? Well, now you know! Recently I have been trying to teach myself new creative techniques, as I have always been in favour of pencil on paper, I’ve been wanting to widen my artistic skills, and personally believe I have been quite successful so far! I would of course be very interested to see what other people think too.

When I was in college I took an A-Level in Graphic Communication, and throughout the entirety of it I tried my very best to avoid using adobe illustrator at all costs, I just couldn’t get my head around it and hated using it when I had to. Looking back on those days now, I really cant understand why I had that mindset, Illustrator isn’t anywhere near as horrible as I thought it was, and simply by looking up tutorials and watching videos I have taught myself some basic skills in order to create this… and I am very proud!

My passion really is in all things artistic, and when learning new techniques like this it really doesn’t feel like work or learning, it’s just fun and experimental. Sure, it can be frustrating when you can’t get a certain tool to work properly and it takes ages to figure out why (*cough* shape builder *cough*), but when it all comes together it makes me so very happy! People might think that it’s a little off for me to find such joy in something like this, most people have fun by partying or something similar, but I really would much rather be doing something creative, learning new skills and discovering new artists. I’m a bit of a geek apparently…

My personal favourites of the 12 animal icons I have made have to be the beagle, fawn and fox. Not necessarily because I think that they turned out any better than the others, just because I love these animals (I have two beagles and a slight obsession with woodland animals). I must say however that I am quite proud of the pigeon. I work as a desktop publisher for a pigeon magazine, so couldn’t help myself but include a pigeon in the piece, even though my interest in pigeons themselves is very very minimal.

I really enjoy the colours in this style of design, the bold, bright and contrasts make it rather eye catching, causing it to stand out. I had real fun making this, and picking out all the colours to contrast and stand out. I would definitely like to work more in this art style and develop my illustrator skills, as I said, I have really only learnt the basics, I am yet to conquer anything in the third dimension!

If you’re like me and enjoy learning new things and too want to learn some basic design skills on adobe illustrator then I highly recommend THIS, it’s a design tutorial page, and it is where I learnt how to create these. They have tutorials for beginners or advanced users of the software, so really something for anyone on any level. It’s a gem of a site for the creative minded like me, wanting to learn new techniques. I will definitely be using this website in future to take my skills that little bit further.

I might check it out for something new now actually….