The title could be better, I would have liked something alliterative, but nothing quite describes my plan for the month like ‘motivational’. With Christmas on the horizon, I have a plan to make this month the best it can be, with the help of my handy list book, I am planning out each day in order to be productive, save money and get more me time. So far, it’s been working a treat! I’ve been getting so much more done, which surprisingly leaves me with more free time.

The reason behind this is that I’ve generally been feeling pretty bad about myself, I spent way too much time literally doing nothing, and was always feeling down about having no time to do anything. Don’t get me wrong, working two jobs doesn’t leave me with much time, but I’ve been working out ways to make the most out of what I’ve got. This potentially means more time and money to spend on Christmas preparation too, which is very exciting. Not that it makes much sense, but by doing nothing, being unproductive and generally lazy, I also found myself being more tired than one might expect, this may be because I was bored though. Keeping myself busy and having a goal for each day however means I’m more awake, and am enjoying myself much more (although I have moments where I do just want to be lazy again). I feel like this, as most things in my life do, will fizzle out after a while, I might be being too aspirational, nothing new there. I am hoping for the best though.

So what have I been aiming to do? Honestly, nothing big! I’ve just been setting goals of completing all the little things I’d like to get done, such as writing up a blog post, pre-packing my lunch the night before, adding a journal entry (I post my journal entries on an instagram account @listinglots if you’re interested, they’re artsy lists about myself). Having these things written down really solidifies to me that they must be done, that I can’t excuse myself for being lazy, and this has been motivating me quite successfully (so far!). I’ve been told that I’m being ridiculous for doing this, and that having two jobs, working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week means I’m allowed to be lazy, but I just don’t want to be anymore. Honestly it is already making me feel better about myself as I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something, albeit something small. For example, I had been meaning to send an email for about two months, that I never got around to doing, put it on my checklist and boom, I suddenly had the motivation to do it! The junk cupboard in my bedroom which was barely accessible? Sorted thanks to the list. In general I am feeling happier with myself.

I think it’s strange how something so small can make such a difference to ones mood, something so small can make you feel so much better about yourself. I suppose it could be one big false sense of accomplishment, and I haven’t actually achieved anything, I’m just faking feeling better. But I have actually done things, so can it? I don’t know. I suppose it doesn’t matter, the point is I feel better about myself and Have actually started to do things (or so I think). In a way this blog is a result of Motivational November, I can imagine I wouldn’t have written the posts I have if it wasn’t for my motivating lists.

Personally, I would recommend doing this if you’re a similar person to me. If you’re the sort to put things off for no reason, perhaps solidifying it in a ‘to do list’ will give you the motivation it has given me. It really is working well. I can imagine that in the lead up to christmas it will help a lot to, not only by my saving money as I previously mentioned, but for encouraging me to wrap gifts in advance, write cards out, and make an effort. I hope it will anyway, if it hasn’t dwindled down to nothing by then. I think that this time of year is perfect for tasks such as this, with the weather being colder and more miserable, I feel that people end up avoiding things just to cosy up on the sofa. Believe me, I love being cosy and warm as much as the next person, but theres no reason that just because the season is dreary we have to be. Getting things done that need to be done leaves more time to be cosy and warm, It’s wonderful.

On that note, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.