I made a thing! It took a while, but I made it!

I have a passion for design, whether that is by hand or digital, and recently I have been developing my digital design skills. I was inspired by pinterest, as I always am, and all of the low-poly images and portraits I had seen. I knew I just had to learn how to do this myself! I found a tutorial which advised the use of a free programme called I ♥ ∆. This little programme is brilliant, completely free and easy to use! All I had to do was click a few hundred times! I’ll admit this was rather time consuming, but I believe it was worth it for the result I got!

The programme lets you drag a base image in as a .BMP file, allowing you to follow the image with your clicks. Ultimately, each click you make becomes a corner of one of the triangles which then make up the image. You are able to change the opacity of the geometric shapes in order to see the base image more clearly and then your design clearly, but when you export the finished thing, the base image does not come with it. If I had more patience then I’m sure i would have clicked for longer and made more triangles, that way I would have received greater detail, however the bigger shapes and flat colour makes the design a bit abstract, which I like. I felt it was important to provide detail around the key facial features however, such as the eyes and nose of the panther, this is what makes it recognisable, so needed to be clear. I find that the the design does look better when smaller, or from a distance, as when it’s larger I can spot all the things I would want to change!

To complete the piece, I exported it to photoshop and edited the colours slightly, increasing the contrasts and changing anything that jumped out at me as wrong. Overall I would say that I am very pleased with this, and am definitely interested in developing this skill further, perhaps with other animals, or maybe people if I’m feeling particularly ambitious! We will have to wait and see. I do encourage you to give this a go, it’s easier than it looks, and really quite fun… if you’ve got the patience.

Reflecting on the choice to use a panther as the base image, this was probably not the wisest choice, as it was rather difficult to present the sports in the geometric format. I feel that perhaps a tiger or a lion would have been a better choice, and perhaps be slightly more recognisable. Never mind though, I’m still proud of myself for it, and believe I should be. I’ve never been good at vectors. I do wish that I had thought to learn this at an earlier stage, perhaps when I was still at college studying Graphic Design, I feel like it would have come in useful for my portfolio and experimental ideas. Oh well, at least I know how to do it now!

Well done me!