It was my birthday a while back, and I got a new book: 642 Things to Write About. It was a gift from a wonderful friend of mine, Emily, she knows me so very well. Unfortunately for me, she has moved away to University now, which leaves me missing her a fair bit! Anyway, so far, this book has been completely amazing, and I can’t say I’m not in love with it. If you’ve never heard of it and are the creative type, then I would completely recommend looking for it, either online or in a book store, it would be a wise choice. I’ve always been a fan of creative writing, well anything creative really, however always struggle with base ideas. This book is completely the solution to this problem.

So basically, it provides 642 prompts for writing, some small, such as a ‘Futuristic Facebook Status’, and some bigger such as ‘Write a tragedy about a strangers mother’. The book itself provides space for you to fill, however there is nothing stopping you from carrying on with a prompt to make something bigger. Really I find that this book is just so much fun, it’s a brilliant way to zone out for a while and enter a different world, which is always fun, and it’s a world you can create yourself. There’s no order that the book has to be filled, some may take pleasure in doing it front to back, however picking and choosing different prompts gives you a little more choice. I personally have approached it by flicking to a random page, filling it in, then flicking to another. I can tell it’s going to take me a fair while to complete the book, but I already am wanting the next. That’s right, there’s more, it’s part of a series of books!

The San Francisco Writer’s Grotto have released 642 Things to Write About, 642 Tiny Things to Write about, 714 More Things to Write About, and even 642 Things to Draw, yep, it’s extended to the artists. It’s such a fun and creative book, and was such a wonderful gift to receive. I would definitely consider buying it as a gift for someone in the future, as everyone needs a little creativity and escapism in their life. I have found this to be a wonderful tool, relaxing and motivational, providing entertainment and encouraging imagination.

All my thanks go to Emily, I’m having a blast.

It’s great, and I just wanted to share it with you.